Helpful Tips Before Your First Trip to Aruba

March 07, 2018

Getting ready for your beach getaway? Let us help you with these insider tips.

What to pack? Warm tropical weather makes packing easy--we suggest keeping your luggage light and airy as well as your clothing choices. Bathing suits, shorts, and sandals are essentials.

Chargers. Keep your smartphones, laptops, and cameras charged. If you are traveling from the USA or Canada, an adapter is not necessary. However, if you are coming from Europe of the UK, a converter may be needed.

Sunblock. For seamless days in the sun, lather up on a UV protecting sunblock and reapply often. You’ll still get the glow without the unneeded “over tan.”

Currency. Most places accept US dollars throughout Aruba, however, the currency is the florin.

Tipping. Tipping is optional but some restaurants and bars will add an automatic service charge to your bill.

We hope these tips help you prepare for your gorgeous vacation in the sun. See you soon.

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