How to Snap the Best Underwater Photos While Snorkeling

June 04, 2018

Underwater photography can either be thrilling or challenging. From the lighting to the fear of damaging your phone, we have full-proof suggestions on how to snap the best nautical photos ever. Snorkeling in Oranjestad is one of the most fun activities you can plan--from the vibrant sea life that includes sergeant majors, bluehead wrasses, French angelfish, and banded butterfly to the crystal-clear turquoise waters, taking photos is irresistible. Make sure to pack a high quality waterproof underwater housing for your smartphone because few things are as beautiful as snapping a picture of a tropical fish and sea turtles up close. We suggest testing the case first to make sure there are no bubbles and attaching a safety strap so that your camera is always close by and doesn’t become a part of the reefs. The best lighting is during a bright day, however, play with the shadows and different textures that the soft and hard coral afford. Most importantly, be creative! Snap a selfie or dedicate your shots to the colorful and exotic fish swaying with the tide. 

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