Interesting Facts You Might Not Know About Aruba

September 19, 2017

Everyone knows that Aruba has the finest white-sand beaches and is amongst the cleanest and most beautiful regions in the Caribbean region, but here are some interesting facts you may not know!

One of the Most Ethnically Diverse Culture in the World

Aruba is home to more than 90 nationalities and ethnic groups, meaning that you will probably bump into someone that speaks your language. The majority of the population is fluent in English, Dutch, and Spanish, making it one of the most welcoming places to vacation.

Caribbean Lifestyle with Authentic Indonesian Food

Due to the diverse population and Dutch colonization, Aruba’s cuisine is embellished with savory dishes such as Indonesian bami and nasi goreng, and loempia (large spring rolls). There are also Dutch specialities such as bitterballen, delicious croquets consumed by islanders daily.

At the Highest Points You Can See Venezuela

Certain parts of Aruba are only a stone’s throw from Venezuela. The closest point is 9 miles away, and the Paraguaná Peninsula can be seen from Seroa Jamanota and Arikok National Park.

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