April 05, 2017

This April, Manchebo is adding a unique dinning experience to your sultry Spring evenings--every Thursday be swept away by Spanish guitars and Seafood Paella cooked live by Chef Sandro. Enjoy a complimentary glass of Sangria in the open-air chic eatery Ike’s Bistro, which overlooks the pool. Socialize with other guests while your senses are ignited by rich tropical flavors and spices. The prix-fixe menu includes a fresh salad bar, seafood paella, dessert and more. All of the ingredients are fresh and many come from the local market. Paella is a regional dish from Valencia, however, some people consider it the national dish of Spain. The name comes from the cooking vessel, which is a large shallow pan that holds in the flavors. Traditionally, it is cooked over an open fire that is fueled by orange and pine branches, creating an aromatic ambiance that enhances the paella. Treat yourself to a cultural evening and come experience this culinary event for yourself! 

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