The Holiday For Children In Aruba

December 05, 2016

Aruba is a small island but with big cheer, this is how children celebrate the holidays here. The Dutch, Venezuelan, and Caribbean traditions give it a one-of-a-kind flare but it’s the three different types of presents kids receive that make them the happy benefactors each holiday season. Young ones receive goodies on the 5th of December from Sinterklaas, the Dutch version of Santa Claus. On December 25th they are visited by the traditional Santa Claus, and on January 6th the Three Kings leave them beautifully wrapped presents at the nativity scene. This year will be even more festive because Hanukkah starts on December 24th and lasts for 8 days! A great way to get into the spirit is to visit the holiday lights at Seroe Preto. Young students volunteer to embellish the hill with dynamic lights and local bands play Christmas songs. Basically, it’s good to be young when in Aruba in December. 

Thank You