Romance in Aruba

February 04, 2019

Couple’s Massage

Our award-winning Spa del Sol, long recognized as Aruba’s premier wellness venue, offers a plethora of nail services, body treatments, and massage therapies in a gorgeous open-air setting. For a profoundly relaxing and intimate experience, try one of our acclaimed couple’s massages.

Couple’s Skydiving

If you’re looking for a more adrenaline-pumping way celebrate, why not say “I love you” while hurtling 10,000 vertical feet through the air? Skydive Aruba Air Adventures employs an expert team of skydiving professionals dedicated to helping you enjoy this novel, safe, and thrilling experience.

Couple’s Dining

Okay, you’re right: by “couple’s dining,” we really just mean “dining.” Whatever you call it, though, an evening spent savoring the exquisite cosmopolitan flavors of Manchebo’s Chophouse restaurant is a gustatory experience unlike any other. Whether you’re in the mood for pan-seared filet mignon, sesame-crusted ahi tuna, or lamb chops grilled to perfection, the Chophouse has just what you need for a delicious romantic dinner with that special someone.

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