• What We’re Thankful For

    On Thursday, November 28, families across the U.S. will gather around the dinner table to feast and give thanks for all they hold dear. Arubans don’t usually celebrate the holiday, but all of us here definitely have a lot to be thankful for. At Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa, we’d like to take this opportunity to give thanks for three things in particular.... Read more

  • The Sublime Sight of an Ostrich in Aruba

    Have you been magically transported to the African savanna? Not at all, but at the Aruba Ostrich Farm, you might feel that way as you get up close to these shockingly large birds (the males of the species can grow over nine feet tall) and their somewhat less imposing emu cousins.... Read more

  • Fun Island Facts

    If this is your first time visiting Aruba, you probably already know you’re about to set foot on some of the most gorgeous white-sand beaches anywhere in the world. But there’s a lot more to Aruba than just that. Here are few facts about our tropical island paradise you probably didn’t know:... Read more

  • The Natural Pool of Arikok National Park

    The Aruba Natural Pool (also known as the Conchi Natural Pool) is a tranquil basin of clear emerald water, approximately 20 feet by 25 feet, located along the shore of Arikok National Park. A massive rock formation surrounds the pool, sealing it off from the often violent currents that plague this stretch of Aruba’s northeast coast.... Read more

  • The Fort Zoutman Historical Museum

    Though Dutch Rear Admiral Johan Arnold Zoutman never set foot in Aruba, he is forever immortalized on our island by the structure that bears his name. The Fort Zoutman Historical Museum (a.k.a., Museo Historico Arubano) was constructed in 1798 as a fort to protect Aruba from pirates and other potential aggressors.... Read more

  • The Animal Enclaves of Aruba

    For such a tiny island, there are a surprising number of animal sanctuaries in Aruba. During your stay, take some time to get to know the fascinating creatures at these three island attractions:... Read more

  • The Amazing Health Benefits of Massage

    Whether 15 minutes in a chair or 90 minutes on a table, indulging in a session with a professional massage therapist is one of the most relaxing gifts you can give to yourself. But did you know massage also provides a number of other health benefits?... Read more

  • Tropical Yoga

    At Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa we believe that a true luxury travel experience should rejuvenate you fully, mind, body, and spirit. That’s why, in addition to our state-of-the-art fitness center, we’re also proud to provide you with some of the very best yoga and Pilates instruction in the Caribbean. ... Read more

  • A Newbie’s Guide to Aruba

    Traveling to a distant locale for the first time is exciting, but also stressful, especially when it comes to all those little details that might not even occur to you till you’re stepping off the plane. If this is your first time visiting the beautiful island of Aruba, here are a few tips to make every step of the trip as easy as a day on the beach.... Read more

  • Romance in Aruba

    With Valentine’s Day less than two weeks away, a lot of folks out there are looking for the perfect way to express their love to someone special. If you happen to be staying with us at the magical Manchebo Beach Resort, here some ideas to help you make the most of your special day.... Read more

  • The Many Health Benefits of a Beach Vacation

    Scientific research increasingly bears out what many of us have long realized: spending time at the beach boosts health and happiness. ... Read more

  • Christmas in Aruba

    For such a tiny island nation, Aruba has a massively celebratory spirit. This is especially evident during the Christmas season, when many homes and business are decked out in brilliant light displays for all to enjoy.... Read more

  • Manchebo Gives Thanks

    Later this month, folks all across the United States will be celebrating Thanksgiving with generous portions of food and family. Though Thanksgiving might not be a traditional holiday here in Aruba, we at Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa would like to join in the holiday spirit by naming three things we’re especially thankful for.... Read more

  • The Feathered Giants of the Aruba Ostrich Farm

    Looking to discover a bit of Australia on your Caribbean vacation? Look no further than Aruba’s own Ostrich Farm, where these large (and we mean surprisingly large) birds thrive on the island’s eastern coast.... Read more

  • A Little Island Trivia

    As anyone who has ever visited can attest, Aruba boasts some of the finest, most immaculate white-sand beaches in the world. But there’s a lot more to our little spot in paradise than just the beach. Here are a few interesting tidbits about Aruba you might not have heard before.... Read more

  • Sightseeing in Aruba

    Aruba vacations are for long walks on the beach and connecting with nature. Check out our top three outdoor sightseeing adventures.... Read more

  • Aruba Hi-Winds Returns with a Bang

    Usually, we'd say that we are biased. However, in this case, we think you’ll agree that Aruba is the best place in the world to wind and kite surf. Each year thousands of adventure-seekers head to our beautiful island to practice their skills, some even come to compete. Our favorable winds and water conditions make Aruba the perfect host for the annual Aruba Hi-Winds competition.... Read more

  • How to Snap the Best Underwater Photos While Snorkeling

    Underwater photography can either be thrilling or challenging. From the lighting to the fear of damaging your phone, we have full-proof suggestions on how to snap the best nautical photos ever. Snorkeling in Oranjestad is one of the most fun activities you can plan--from the vibrant sea life that includes sergeant majors, bluehead wrasses, French angelfish, and banded butterfly to the crystal-clear turquoise waters, taking photos is irresistible.... Read more

  • 3 Surprising Health Benefits of Massage

    If you are sore from working out, it’s no surprise that a massage can make you feel better. However, the life-changing touches of a professional masseuse may span deeper than you think.... Read more

  • Have You Tried Terrawave Yoga Yet?

    Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa is dedicated to being the premiere wellness resort in Aruba. Part of keeping our guests healthy and engaged is being on the cutting-edge of health trends and activities. That’s why we added Terrawave Yoga to our growing roster of classes.... Read more

  • Helpful Tips Before Your First Trip to Aruba

    Getting ready for your beach getaway? Let us help you with these insider tips. ... Read more

  • February is the Month of Love | Come Celebrate Our New Vegan & Vegetarian Menu

    Aruba is at the height of its culinary peak and our newest menu is guaranteed to impress even the most discerning foodies. A couple words to describe our Vegan & Vegetarian menu are: sensational, decadent, and guilt-free. ... Read more

  • Your Body is Demanding a Beach Vacation Right Now

    Sunshine is good for your health! Don’t let the winter blues get you down. Head to the tropics and leave the worries of yesteryear behind. Here are the top three reasons your body is demanding a beach vacation right now: ... Read more

  • Aruba Does Christmas Differently: Feel the Dutch, Venezuelan, and Caribbean Traditions

    We bet you think Aruba celebrates Christmas just like all of the other islands? Well, you are wrong! With an eclectic mix of cultures, we chose the best customs from each country and blend them seamlessly. ... Read more

  • The Health Benefits of Fruit Smoothies

    Head to Pega Pega Beach Bar & Grill this morning for an irresistibly fresh fruit smoothie, jam packed with nutrients and essential minerals. Go home feeling healthier and more radiant than ever because fresh fruit has the ability to replenish the body, leaving you feeling light and airy, while glowing from the inside.... Read more

  • Now is the Best Time to Visit Our Picturesque Island

    If you are like us, then you love being surrounded by stunning white-sand beaches, the sound of the waves crashing in the background, and the promise of sunshine all day long. Now, more than ever, Aruba is the optimal place to vacation and relax. While other islands in the Caribbean are rebuilding from the hurricane season, Aruba was fortunately untouched and remains ready to meet your traveling needs.... Read more

  • Interesting Facts You Might Not Know About Aruba

    Everyone knows that Aruba has the finest white-sand beaches and is amongst the cleanest and most beautiful regions in the Caribbean region, but here are some interesting facts you may not know! ... Read more

  • The Top Four Reasons to Get Married in Aruba

    Your dream wedding is a just a plane ride away. A destination wedding in Aruba is fun and easy. Let the natural beauty and cool ocean breeze set the scene for your special day. Check out the top four reasons to tie-the-knot in Aruba:... Read more

  • Airplane Tips to Stay Looking Radiant

    It’s summertime and many of you are coming from near and far to the sunny island of Aruba. Paradise awaits you, but how you arrive may set the tone for your entire trip. Here are some expert tips to keep you fresh and beautiful on your flight.... Read more

  • Sun Lover's Guide To A Healthy Glow In Aruba

    It’s finally summertime and as the temperatures heat up, so does people’s desire for a sultry glow. Here are some beauty tips on how to stay healthy and ravishing while visiting our sunny island. ... Read more

  • Your Own Personal Paradise

    Staying at a boutique resort comes with it’s perks--unwind at our award-winning Eagle Beach, without having to wait for resources. Recently named one of the top ten beaches in the world by Trip Advisor, our friendly staff is waiting to help you create your own tropical paradise. ... Read more


    This April, Manchebo is adding a unique dinning experience to your sultry Spring evenings--every Thursday be swept away by Spanish guitars and Seafood Paella cooked live by Chef Sandro.... Read more

  • Top Three Reasons Aruba Is The Perfect Spring Break Destination!

    Spring Break is right around the corner and for many people that means it’s time to pacify that wanderlust. Manchebo beach resort is dedicated to making your vacation the best one yet! Here’s the top three reason to take the plunge and head to our magnificent beaches: ... Read more

  • Rekindle the Romance this Month

    Magical romance is just a caressing Caribbean breeze away. You’ve taken the first step by planning your secluded beach getaway but now it’s time to ignite the spark! Indulge in these couples bonding activities. ... Read more

  • A New Year, A New You

    The New Year is upon us and we can’t think of a better time to feel alive! Now is the time to pick your New Year’s resolutions and inspire yourself in 2017.... Read more

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