Cas Di Luz: The Aruban House of Lights

Here in Aruba, we absolutely adore any reason to celebrate, so around Christmas time, you’ll find businesses and homes all across the island adorned with beautiful decorations. The most famous display on the island is Cas di Luz (a.k.a., House of Lights). Located in the city of San Nicolas, Cas di Luz began over 30 years ago as a very modest effort to decorate a handful of cardboard boxes and trees with festive lights. Today, Cas di Luz is a vast series of structures set up during the holiday season and decked out according to a different Christmas theme each year. There is always a party happening around Cas di Luz, where Gaita groups dance and sing local Aruban renditions of classic carols, and traffic stops while folks jump out of their cars to take part in the revelry.