To Your Health!

Are you one of the millions of folks who like to run for exercise? Pounding the pavement can damage your joints. Running on sand, however, virtually eliminates that concern while also engaging the foot’s many stabilizing muscles in ways that harder running surfaces can’t. Swimming in the sun-kissed saltwater, your skin is bathed in exfoliating and restorative mineral combinations, and when you bask in the sun, your body produces the vitamin D it needs to keep bones strong. Remember you only need around 20 minutes of direct daily sunlight, though. After that, lather on a quality sunscreen with UVA and UVB protection (and always apply sunscreen to your face before going out, in order to prevent both skin cancer and premature wrinkling). We look forward to seeing you very soon at the Manchebo Beach Resort, where Aruba’s white-sand beaches glisten like diamonds beneath the tropical sun.