Manchebo’s Commitment to the Plant-Based Eating Experience

Cheers to your health!

In 2018, as part of Manchebo’s overall wellness concept, the resort dedicated itself to developing a wide range of plant-based offerings. Chef Jeffrey and his culinary team wholeheartedly got behind this initiative, adding more vegetarian and vegan dishes to the breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus of Manchebo’s four restaurants, and even launching a separate dedicated vegan menu at Ike’s Bistro. Today, Manchebo is a stand-out leader on the island for vegan cuisine.

Chef Jeffrey and his kitchen are committed to upholding Manchebo’s reputation for excellent vegan offerings, consistently creating new vegan dishes. The kitchen makes sure to source fresh, seasonal ingredients from local farms as much as possible, often collecting fresh herbs from Manchebo’s own onsite herb garden. It’s this dedication to quality ingredients as well as the chef’s passion for delighting the taste buds of diners that keep resort guests coming back just for the vegan food!

Our Dedicated Vegan Menu

Our vegan dinner menu at Ike’s Bistro is graced by an exciting range of appetizers, soups, salads, main courses, and desserts. Much careful thought went into the creation of each dish, as evidenced by the perfectly contrasting textures, complementing flavors, and vibrant pops of color. Kudos to Chef Jeffrey and his team!

Our Fresh Juices & Smoothies

Our bar offers a menu of fresh juices and blended smoothies that contain all the goodness your body craves. Packed with a delicious combination of energy-boosting superfood ingredients, our juices and smoothies are the perfect start to your day or the ideal later-afternoon pick-me-up.