A Newbie’s Guide to Aruba

March 04, 2019

Clothes: Casual is king in Aruba. Shorts, sandals, and swimsuits are a must. If you’re traveling for business, you might want something slightly more formal, but even then, you’re not likely to need to break out a tie or high heels.

Chargers: Though Aruba is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, travelers from the USA or Canada need not pack an adapter for their electronics. Folks from the UK or continental Europe, however, will likely need one.

Money: The official currency of Aruba is the florin, but most shop owners will happily accept US dollars. The florin is pegged to the dollar, and 1 dollar equals approximately 1.8 florins.

Tipping: Though some restaurants and bars do include a service charge on the bill, others don’t so check your receipt carefully. If no service charge has been added, a 15 – 20% tip is highly appreciated.

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