Christmas in Aruba

December 03, 2018

For such a tiny island nation, Aruba has a massively celebratory spirit. This is especially evident during the Christmas season, when many homes and business are decked out in brilliant light displays for all to enjoy. One of the most famous is Cas di Luz, or House of Lights. Cas di Luz, which located in Weg Seroe Preto in the city of San Nicolas. The Cas di Luz is not an actual home, but instead, a series of structures built especially for the holidays and decorated with thousands of lights according to an elaborate theme that changes every year. Folks travel from all across the island to Cas di Luz to marvel at the stunning light display and enjoy the live music performed by gaita groups. The Cas di Luz is always thronged by visitors, which can make parking very difficult. If traffic gets really severe, just do as the locals do: step out of your car and join the celebration!

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