Fun Island Facts

September 02, 2019

A Global Feast

Aruban cuisine brings together some of the most distinctive and delicious gustatory traditions from around the world. It’s hard to go a day among native islanders without seeing someone munch on bitterballen, a savory croquet that attests to Aruba’s Dutch colonial past. And you simply must try some of the mouthwatering Indonesian dishes we Arubans love, such as bamiloempia, and nasi goreng

A Cultural Melting Pot

Some of the friendliest people in the Caribbean, Arubans are an eclectic bunch representing over 90 nationalities and ethnicities. The primary languages on the island are English, Dutch, and Spanish, and most locals will be very pleased to strike up a conversation with you in any of the three.

A Surprising View of South America

Did you know that Aruba is only nine miles from Venezuela? If you don’t believe us, just hike the 188 meters (617 feet) to the peak of Mount Jamanota, Aruba’s highest point. From there, you can actually spot our South American neighbor across the water.

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