The Animal Enclaves of Aruba

June 03, 2019

The Aruba Donkey Sanctuary
Once the most popular work animal on the island, the donkey population has diminished markedly in the past century. In 1997, the Aruba Donkey Sanctuary was founded on the southern end of the island to ensure the survival of Aruba’s remaining donkeys, and give the public the opportunity to get to know these inquisitive, albeit obstinate animals.

The Aruba Butterfly Farm
Nestled snugly between Palm Beach and the Bubali Bird Sanctuary, the Butterfly Farm gives visitors the chance to marvel at one of nature’s most delicate and variegated creations in a serene coastal setting. The friendly and expert staff provide guided tours and conduct regular workshops on how to cultivate a vibrant butterfly population in your own garden.

The Bubali Bird Sanctuary
Located just a short distance from the Butterfly Farm, and directly in front of the prominent Old Dutch Windmill, the Bubali Bird Sanctuary is home to some 80 species of birds, including coots, ducks, egrets, gulls, herons, and skimmers. Ascend the sanctuary’s observation tower for a truly magnificent view of these majestic avian creatures.

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