The Many Health Benefits of a Beach Vacation

January 07, 2019

As running aficionados know, a jog along the shore means not just a gorgeous and inspiring view, but a more ergonomic running surface that puts less stress on joints and activates the small stabilizing muscles of the foot in ways that concrete or cement simply can’t. Taking a dip in the warm saltwater exposes your skin to mineral combinations with special exfoliating properties, and exposure to sunlight helps promote vitamin D production, which is essential for strong, healthy bones. Just be sure not to get too much sun. About 20 minutes a day of direct sunlight is all you need. Beyond that, you should apply quality sunscreen so you can work gradually on your tan without causing any long-term damage. At the Manchebo Beach Resort, our friendly and expert staff are eager to help you relax and refresh yourself on Aruba’s breathtaking white-sand shores. Join us today, and let us show you the real meaning of luxury in the Caribbean.

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